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  • Code of Federal Regulations

    Code of Federal Regulations (10)

    The Code of Federal Regulations is produced in multiple volumes and updated every year. We show the most commonly requested maritime volumes but can provide any in the CFR33 and CFR46 series, as well as selected volumes in CFR47 and CFR49. Please call or e-mail if you need volumes not listed here.
  • International Reference

    International Reference (7)

  • Sailing Directions

    Sailing Directions (15)

  • Tides & Currents

    Tides & Currents (6)

  • US Coast Pilots

    US Coast Pilots (9)

    Coast Pilot books are now Print-On-Demand. The editions are released throughout the calendar year. We always provide the most recent edition when you order. See the list below for release dates: CP1 - April CP2 - October CP3 - January CP4 - September CP5 - May CP6 - February CP7 - December CP8 - June CP9 - August