The Nautical Charts of Canada that we sell are produced by the Canadian Hydrographic Service. The Canadian coastline is vast, complex and highly indented, making it the longest coastline in the world.

Accurate, up-to-date Nautical Charts of Canada are crucial to safe navigation within a country that has more than a third of its territory under water.

The Canadian Nautical Charts are the navigational ‘road maps’ that guide mariners safely from point to point. Commercial shipping, recreational boating, cruising and fishing within Canadian waters make the role of the Candian Hydographic service more important than everSeabreeze Nautical Books and Charts sells all of the nearly 1000 Nautical Charts of Canada from covering all three of Canada’s coastlines plus important inland waterways. You can use this site to quickly find the chart you require and get it shipped quickly to any location around the world. You will always receive the latest charts with the most recent corrections/updates.

Nautical Charts of Canada

How to Find the Paper Charts You Need

To find the chart you need, you can search our chart catalogues. We also expect to have interactive maps added soon to facilitate your search online for canadian charts.

If you know the number of the chart you’re looking for, enter it the search box to find it quickly within our chart database. You can also search by any keyword in the description.

Nautical Charts of Canada – Regions

Charts are broken up into four regions

Atlantic Coast
Pacific Coast
Ontario/Manitoba including Great Lakes

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For over 130 years, the Canadian Hydrographic Service (CHS) has researched and monitored its waters to ensure safe navigation.

Today CHS is a department of the Scientific Branch of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada. CHS in addition to almost one thousand nautical charts its also produces many other publications. These products are repected worldwide for their quality and accuracy.