How to Plan for Cruising

Planning for cruising

Over the years we’ve helped hundreds of would-be cruisers who want to know how to plan for cruising. We’ve helped them to gather the necessary books, charts, cruising guides, and other references that can make the difference between an exhilarating, relaxing adventure and a watery ordeal. We’ve also talked extensively about why those electronic charts may not be enough — or even be available — when you need to find the safe route between obstacles, or the safe place to get some relief from whatever challenges you’ve been facing.

If you dream of slipping the dock lines and heading off for an extended passage, there is a logical process for accumulating the library of charts and guides that will give you the information you need. There is also a set of questions to be answered before you decide where to go. At Seabreeze we’ve developed recommendations for charts, official publications, cruising guides, and even the courtesy flags for four of the most popular cruising plans: San Diego to Panama, Panama to the Eastern Caribbean, San Diego to Fiji (and beyond), and San Diego to British Columbia and Southeast Alaska.

To give you an idea of costs, a conservative skipper who took everything on the San Diego to Panama list spent roughly $1,450 three years ago, and most of the prices haven’t changed much. Within the recommendations, we look for ways to save: the ” Mexico to Panama Chart Book” is only $99.95 and includes almost every chart in the official catalog. At 16 by 22 inches it also fits more conveniently on a small navigation table and gets rid of a lot of mostly white paper. And it’s waterproof!

When you consider the costs of boat parts and cruising gear, and the value of the lives aboard, that $1,450 investment begins to look relatively small! At Seabreeze we’re standing by to help you make the most of your cruising kitty and have the best possible voyaging experience!

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