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Coast Pilot 10: Oregon, Washington, Hawaii and Pacific Islands



The Coast Pilot supplements the navigational information shown on the nautical charts. The sources for updating the Coast Pilot include but are not limited to field inspections conducted by NOAA, information published in Notices to Mariners, reports from NOAA Hydrographic vessels and field parties, information from other Government agencies, State and local governments, maritime and pilotage associations, port authorities, and mariners.  Coast Pilot Volume 7 is issued each year in December.

In 2020 Coast Pilot 7 was divided, separating California from Oregon, Washington, Hawaii and Pacific Islands, and a new Coast Pilot 10 was issued for the first time in June.  It is anticipated it will continue to be updated in June going forward, and the balance of it’s former coverage is now presented in Coast Pilot 7.

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