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Cruising Catamaran Communique



Cruising Catamaran Communiqu? offers informative, provocative, introspective and critical diagnostic insight from a yacht surveyor who has crawled through the bilges, climbed over the decks, sounded the hulls, field tested the installations and sailed the majority of production cruising catamarans.

Charles Kanter has raced the speed demons, delivered the charter boats, consulted on the purchase of countless cruisers, both multihull and monohull, lived aboard his own 32 foot catamaran for fifteen years and surveyed hundreds of boats of every condition and description.

Cruising Catamaran Communiqu? digests over three decades and 100,000 sailing miles of experience packed into 416 pages. Learn about cruising catamaran virtues and vices. Read more historical information and actual facts and figures about production cruising catamarans and the industry that produces them. Peruse little publicized characteristics that inhibit the potential performance of these boats. Cruising Catamaran Communiqu? provides a blueprint for realistic expectations and contains charts, diagrams and a unique methodology for assessing various boats.

Learn the techniques of cruising catamaran sailing and handling. Learn when to reef, how to judge leeway; how to anchor light displacement boats including the techniques of bridling, how to take powerboat wakes, how to handle twin-screw cats. Learn about what characteristics are best for safe pleasant voyaging and which ones to shun like the plague.

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