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Handbook of Rights and Concerns For Mariners 1

Handbook of Rights and Concerns For Mariners



The Handbook of Rights and Concerns for Mariners addresses the many commonly occurring difficulties faced by mariners on substandard ships and provides a comprehensive approach to their solution. A self-help guide, the book presents information in plain English about recruitment, employment contracts, wages, living conditions, work environment, health and medical care, repatriation, abandonment, and accidents.

Graphic examples taken from Roberto Tiangco’s experience at the Mission to Seafarers and from various seafaring publications are recounted, allowing mariners to identify with the issues involved. For example, they can imagine (if they had not already experienced it) being told there was no clean bedding or towels aboard ship or that the crew must fish for their food; they can envision discovering that all the toilets and showers are inoperable for the length of a voyage.

The national and international laws applicable to employment of mariners are covered in detail in this carefully researched work, and the nations that are signatories to the various laws and conventions are listed so mariners can be sure the rules apply to them.

The Handbook of Rights and Concerns for Mariners is an invaluable guide to help mariners avoid falling into harm’s way.


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