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MexWX Mexico Weather for Boaters



MexWX Mexico Weather for Boaters is a concise guide to Pacific Mexico’s weather (WX) for recreational boaters.

MexWx covers all Baja, the Sea of Cortez, mainland Mexico and much of the Central America Pacific coast. This guide illustrates the meteorological where and when of prevailing patterns for itinerary planning, along with the how and why of unique local phenomena for daily cruising.

It also explains how to receive critical weather reports by radio (VHF, Ham, SSB, WX-fax, Internet) while underway on your boat in Mexican waters, including a handy new Frequency Guide.  Special chapters discuss how to predict a gale in Tehuantepec and Papagallo,  all about Hurricanes and Summering Over in Pacific Mexico.

This is a must-read for anyone planning to cruise the Pacific coasts of Mexico and Central America.

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