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S.O.S. Distress Light with Flag


The S.O.S. Distress Light by Sirius Signal complies with US Coast Guard requirements for a Night Visual Distress Signal, and when paired with the included daytime distress signal flag, meets all USCG Federal Requirements for carriage of DAY and NIGHT Visual Distress Signals.

The S.O.S. Distress Light is safe for your family and safe for the environment.  It has no hazardous pyrotechnic materials and no expiration date.  One S.O.S. Distress Light provides a signal time of hours, and a visibility of 10 or more miles, depending on altitude.  It can be hoisted up a mast, or placed in a rod holder on board.  The overall height is about 10 inches and the flotation collar is about five inches, so it’s easy to handle and easy to stow.

In contrast, flares burn at some 2000 degrees and must be held over the side of your boat while they burn, which is usually only a matter of a few minutes.  In addition, there is currently no easy, safe, legal way to dispose of out-dated flares.   Flares expire 42 months after manufacture and once the expiration date has passed, they no longer meet US Coast Guard requirements.  Practically speaking this means boaters need to purchase new flares every three years, with the result that the old and new flares accumulate on board.

The S.O.S. Distresst Light comes with three C-cell batteries and is ready for use immediately.  All the boater needs to do to maintain it is check the batteries periodically.  And it can be stored in easy reach of anyone on board — including children!

Add the S.O.S. Distress Light to your safety gear and never buy flares again!