Signs and Stickers Required on Your Boat

certificate of documentation

Over the years, the Federal and State governments as well as the Coast Guard have come up with various little stickers that are actually required to be on your vessel. They range from the Certificate of Documentation and the Capacity Plates required vessels less than 26 feet to the written Garbage Plan that is required on vessels 12 meters and over.

Some of these stickers and forms are absolutely mandatory and are a fineable offence if they are not aboard like the Garbage Plan. A link is provided for an easy copy that you should keep with your ship’s papers.

One of the new California requirements for ALL fossil fuel operated vessels is the CO2 sticker which is to be placed on the transom AND near the helm warning of the dangers of CO2. I have been told that if this sticker is not affixed to the transom it is “grounds for boarding” by California law enforcement.

We are all aware that vessels over 26 feet must have the Oil Pollution sticker in the engine compartment but the MARPOL placard talking about dumping plastics must be visible to people on the vessel, i.e. not in a cabinet or drawer.

There is another sticker that is not vigorously enforced anymore regarding the running of the Blower for five minutes prior to starting. This should be at the helm of the vessel.


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