Vessel Safety Checks

A Vessel Safety Check (VSC) by a member of the Coast Guard Auxiliary or an examiner from the US Power Squadron can save you the embarrassment and fine from being boarded by the Coast Guard. When you pass a VSC you will be awarded a VSC Seal that is placed on your port side window indicating that you are current with this years safety requirements

There are a few additional requirements mandated by the State of California that you should also be aware of, for instance the mandatory placement of a CO2 warning sticker near the bridge and on the stern of ALL vessels with combustible fuel power. If you do not have this sticker, it is considered grounds for “probable cause” boarding by any City, State or Federal agency. If you would like a free Vessel Safety Check please contact me and I will arrange for an examiner to stop by your boat or you can stop by the VSC station at the foot of Laurel street any Saturday of the year.